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    Simulator Rental

Experience the Future of Golf at Pigeon Creek Golf Course

Discover the cutting-edge Uneekor EYE XO Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator, which redefines the boundaries of indoor golf launch monitor systems. Some doubted its possibility, but Uneekor accepted the challenge, resulting in the most precise, responsive, and accurate launch monitor technology available worldwide. Packed with innovative features like video replay of ball impact to the club-face and patented non-marked ball technology driven by Uneekor's powerful View software, years of dedication have produced the ultimate golf launch monitor system.


 * Rates are established by the hour not by the number of players
Before 4:00 PM
After 4:00 PM
$40 per hour
$50 per hour

How to Book

  • Select Your Preferred Hours: Simulator rental is booked by the hour. Choose the number of hours you'd like to book, keeping in mind the time needed to complete your round.
  • Timing Guidance: As a general rule, allocate approximately 1 hour per player per 18 holes. For instance, if you're playing 18 holes solo, book 1 hour. If you have a group of 4 players looking to complete 18 holes, reserve 4 hours.
  • Time-Based Booking: Unlike traditional tee-time bookings on the golf course, our simulator reservations are based on time. Your reservation is for a specific time duration, not a fixed number of holes. Be aware that when your booked time is up, your session will end, even if you're in the middle of a round.
  • Booking Buffer: Please note that all bookings require a 5 minute buffer time to ensure proper cleaning and a smooth transition between groups. For example, if you book for 2 hours starting at 11:00 AM, we may request that you conclude at 12:55 PM to prepare the space for the next guests.
  • Arrival Time: We kindly request that you arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of your simulator booking time.

Booking Tips

Online Booking: Online booking is available but is limited to booking 1 hour at a time. If you wish to book 2-4 hours, you may do so by booking each hour individually. Alternatively, you may call us at 616-875-4300, and we can assist you in booking the full time over the phone.

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Policies and Procedures

Cancellation Policy:
  • Due to high demand and usage at Pigeon Creek, no-shows and cancellations less than 24 hours before your appointment will incur a full-price charge. We kindly ask that you reschedule or cancel at least 1 day before the start of your appointment to avoid a cancellation fee.
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule you may do so by calling us at 616-875-4300
Late Arrival:
  • If you are late to your booking time, you will still be permitted to utilize the simulator but you will forfeit any lost time.
Equipment and Attire:
  • Appropriate golfing attire and footwear are required while using the simulator. The use of shoes with cleats/spikes is strictly prohibited. Please wear clean sneakers to prevent damage to the simulator room flooring.
  • If you bring your own clubs, ensure that club faces are clean before play.
  • Golf balls are provided. However, if you use your own balls, they must be NEW with no markers or printed logos on them.
Safety Rules:
  • Equipment Responsibility: Users are responsible for all equipment and technology within the simulator room. To ensure safety, please refrain from swinging clubs outside of the simulator.
  • Single Person Hitting: Only one person is permitted in the hitting area at a time. It is mandatory for everyone to maintain a safe distance and keep vigilant while another person is golfing.
  • Awareness and Caution: Please be mindful that swinging golf clubs near others can pose significant risks. Prior to swinging a club, check your surroundings to ensure no one or obstacles are in your swing path.
  • Back-swing and Follow-through: Keep constant awareness of your back-swing and follow-through to prevent accidental contact with objects or individuals.
  • Targeted Shots: All shots must be directed towards the hitting screen for safety reasons.
  • Practice Swings: If you wish to take practice swings, ensure that they occur within the designated hitting area on the mat.
  • Positioning Awareness: Maintain alertness regarding your position and movements to avoid encroaching on another person's swing path.
  • Prompt Reporting: In the event of any accidents, please report them immediately to our staff.
  • Guest Responsibility: Users are responsible for the behavior and safety of any guests they bring into the simulator area. Guests are expected to be aware of and adhere to these safety guidelines.
These safety rules are in place to guarantee the well-being of all users and to maintain a secure environment for everyone. Failure to abide by any of the above procedures may result in the cancellation of the remainder of your paid simulator time without compensation. Your cooperation in following these guidelines is greatly appreciated.
Age Restrictions:
  • Children and minors must be accompanied by an adult while using the simulator. Parents or guardians are responsible for their children's actions and safety.
Privacy and Data Policy:
  • Customers acknowledge that they are under video surveillance. Tampering with the camera system or damaging equipment by not following guidelines will result in financial compensation to Pigeon Creek Golf Course.
  • Customers acknowledge that photography and/or video may be recorded and used for promotional purposes without compensation.
  • Chris - Pickford, MI

    The conditioning of this course exceeds expectations and the links style layout is really fun to navigate. Many holes offer risk/reward situations that will challenge even the most skilled player.
  • Travis - Grand Rapids, MI

    What a great course! The links style course offers a lot of room for new players but it is a tough course to master for lower handicap players. The course is always in amazing shape.The management of this course is top notch!
  • Marissa - Ogden, UT

    Beautiful course. It was very well maintained and it provided a lot of fun for the whole family.
  • John Topliff - Saugatuck, MI

    "I am 67 years old and have never enjoyed the game of golf more then I do now! Chase has helped me lower my score and decrease my putts a considerable amount. Looks like an old dog can learn new tricks!"
  • Joanne - Barrington, IL

    What a great course!!! The greens were impeccable, the rough was challenging but so much fun. The staff was very friendly as were the people we were paired with. We loved that this course had enough challenging holes with a few friendlier ones to give you a break. We golf at least once per week and this ranks up there with the better ones we have played!!!
  • Lance - Rochester, NY

    “It is one of the best courses that I have played in. The greens are immaculate and challenging. I highly recommend.”
  • Thomas - Grand Rapids, MI

    The course is a hidden gem. Everything from the tee-box, fairways, traps and greens were spectacular. I highly recommend this course that is challenging but fair. You can't go wrong and of course I'll be coming back with more friends. Thanks Pigeon Creek !
  • Angelica - Parma, MI

    Beautifully cared for course. Service was great. Play was quick. We would not hesitate to come back if we are in the area again.