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    Breaking - 100 Program - Womens

Breaking - 100; Results Based Adult Group Coaching

Experience the exhilaration of golf like never before as you embark on a transformative journey to enhance your game. Our program is designed to help you achieve the coveted milestone of consistently shooting 100 or fewer strokes each time you set foot on the golf course.

Discover the secrets to reducing those frustrating three-putts and gaining greater control over your tee shots. Moreover, our expert guidance will empower you to excel in the critical realm of scoring from 100 yards and closer to the green.

Join us on this golfing adventure, where the pursuit of excellence meets the pursuit of joy. Elevate your game, boost your confidence, and savor every moment on the course as you break 100 with ease.

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  • John Topliff - Saugatuck, MI

    "I am 67 years old and have never enjoyed the game of golf more then I do now! Chase has helped me lower my score and decrease my putts a considerable amount. Looks like an old dog can learn new tricks!"
  • Marissa - Ogden, UT

    Beautiful course. It was very well maintained and it provided a lot of fun for the whole family.
  • Angelica - Parma, MI

    Beautifully cared for course. Service was great. Play was quick. We would not hesitate to come back if we are in the area again.
  • Joanne - Barrington, IL

    What a great course!!! The greens were impeccable, the rough was challenging but so much fun. The staff was very friendly as were the people we were paired with. We loved that this course had enough challenging holes with a few friendlier ones to give you a break. We golf at least once per week and this ranks up there with the better ones we have played!!!
  • Travis - Grand Rapids, MI

    What a great course! The links style course offers a lot of room for new players but it is a tough course to master for lower handicap players. The course is always in amazing shape.The management of this course is top notch!
  • Lance - Rochester, NY

    “It is one of the best courses that I have played in. The greens are immaculate and challenging. I highly recommend.”
  • Thomas - Grand Rapids, MI

    The course is a hidden gem. Everything from the tee-box, fairways, traps and greens were spectacular. I highly recommend this course that is challenging but fair. You can't go wrong and of course I'll be coming back with more friends. Thanks Pigeon Creek !
  • Chris - Pickford, MI

    The conditioning of this course exceeds expectations and the links style layout is really fun to navigate. Many holes offer risk/reward situations that will challenge even the most skilled player.